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{ Version 1.6 -06/17/2022 - "ISAM-File-Processing-1.pdf"
and ISAM-FileProcessing-2.pdf added
which cover all ISAM processing including
Alternate Indexes using VBISAM. }
{ Version 1.5 05/11/2022 - "File Processing.pdf" amended
with respect to VBISAM. }
{ Version 1.4 04/11/2022 - Line Sequential and Relative
file processing combined in "File Processing.pdf". }
{ Version 1.3 01/24/2022 - Line Sequential processing added. }
{ Version 1.2 09/02/2021 - RWCS added. }
{ Version 1.1  08/08/2021 - COBOL files added. }
{ Version 1.0 10/15/2020 - This website went live with numerous
links, documents and GVW Tutorial Programs. }

All materials on this website are absolutely free at all times.
No "trial" versions, no "donations please" versions.
Absolutely no ads in any of my documents or programs.

Questions, suggestions, discussion:
I'd like to hear whether my website has helped you or not.

My GnuCOBOL compiler runs on a Windows-10 PC. The links below will take you to
documentation, tutorials, and coding examples

which are also relevant to other operating systems, such as Linux, etc.

===============>   USEFUL  LINKS  TO  OTHER  WEBSITES   <===============
Click on the purple or blue title, or copy and paste the URL into your browser.
obtained the following elements from Arnold Trembley, without whom
I'd still be trying to get started with GnuCOBOL.

To install an integrated development environment do the following:

1. Download and Install:                                                                                    
OpenCobolIDE (OCIDE), OpenCOBOL Integrated Development Environment.
   The Windows pkg installs MinGW (Minimalist GNU for Windows).
All pkgs install GnuCOBOL V 2 . 2.
OCIDE has an editor and a terminal which facilitate compile-and-go testing.
2. Download and install:                                                                                  
The latest version of the GnuCOBOL compiler, V 3 . 1 . 2.  (July, 2021)

OCIDE and GnuCOBOL compiler are available at Arnold Trembley's website.
Arnold Trembley's Home Page:
GnuCOBOL Downloads, Binaries, and Links
      GnuCOBOL/OpenCOBOL Links    See OpenCobolIDE 4 . 7 . 6 
      GnuCOBOL Compiler install binaries  (July, 2021  I use GnuCOBOL 3 . 1 . 2 VBISAM)
Use your pdf viewer to save my OCIDE-SETUP-GUIDE on your PC.
Follow the Guide to configure OCIDE for your updated GnuCOBOL compiler.
===== is a powerful resource in learning GnuCOBOL features. 
Many products are available from the Projects collection, as well as access to 
many experienced GnuCOBOL programmers for advice in the Discussion forum.
SourceForge Home Page:
GnuCOBOL Programmer's Guide:                                                       
You'll find more than one Guide there.
Each Guide is present in both letter and A4 format.
gnucobpg is the full Guide (700-plus pages).
gnucobsp contains a few sample programs.
===============> TUTORIAL  PROGRAMS <===============
These are GnuCOBOL Source Code Files, 

compiled with GnuCOBOL V 3 . 1 . 2 .,
but they should compile OK with V 3 . 1 .
Download, compile, and run them. They are free for you to use,
subject to the Copyright Statement at the beginning of each file.
Read this Guide (.pdf) before you download your first file.

Generally, my tutorials guide you through the methodology
and demonstrate it, as well.

Be aware that all these files were written in Free Format
which means some lines of code may run over 80 characters.
All these files are in Courier New 10.5 typeface. I used a small 
typeface to ensure that my code lines would fit in landscape format.
Some of the cobc lines at the top may overflow,
so comment out those overflow lines.
{ File added 08/08/2021 }
GVW-SCREEN-TUTOR helps you learn how to set up screens
using the SCREEN SECTION (view only 14 screens).

My program uses 
{ File added 08/08/2021 }
GVW-PARSE-NUMERIC (dll), so download and compile
my dll before compiling Screen Tutor.
Parse Numeric extracts numerics from Picture X input
according to specifications passed to it in the form of
CALL and a list (or table) of arguments.
Try it. You'll like it. You'll probably want to modify it.
{ File added 08/08/2021 }
GVW-SORT-TUTOR helps you learn to sort tables and files
(view only 11 screens). You'll learn how to define a sort file,
how to control multiple table sorts and, as a bonus, a few more
Screen Section options. Parse Numeric is not required.
{ Files added 09/02/2021 }
GnuCOBOL Report Writer Control System
Learn to use RWCS in less than a week.
My RWCS Introduction pdf
By permission of Gary L. Cutler:
DEMORWCS odt  and  CPUDATA odt
{ Document added 04/11/2022 }
Line Sequential and Relative file processing
combined in "File Processing/pdf". 
( Documens changed 06/17/2022 }
"File Processing.pdf" replaced by 4 files:
"LSAM-File-Processing.pdf" for Line Sequential files;
"RSAM-File-Processing.pdf" for Relative files;
"ISAM-File-Processing-1.pdf" and
"ISAM-File-Processing-2.pdf" for
for Indexed files.

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